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Purpose Package

8-week Personal Life Purpose Program

Travel Your Path to Abundance

What is your “money” story? Do you know what your vision of wealth looks like? Did you know that changing your life story and flow of abundance starts with shaping how you feel about money and abundance? This 8-week program will jumpstart a journey to reclaim your wealth so you can live more abundantly.

You may feel stuck, believing that wealth and abundance are for other people, not you. This program explores how you view money and abundance to reveal obstacles that hold you back. Learn why abundant living seems unattainable. Discover why you’re struggling to just get by. Understand how a poor relationship with money can block the way to abundant living.

Every individual defines abundance differently. This program helps you define your vision of wealth. We encourage you to describe abundance and identify how you can move toward more abundant living. You will change your story to reach a more bountiful destination as you achieve small, consistent goals.

Our eight-week Life Purpose Program centers on planting the seeds of authentic generosity and growing abundance. We help you move from survival to stability so you can blossom in abundance and generosity. Learn when to give and when to receive and grow positivity, prosperity, and abundance in your life.

Start driving down the road to abundant living with a roadmap designed to get you where you want to go. You will reach your destination empowered with tools that help you continuously evolve, adapt and balance life’s trials to live more abundantly.

Find your purpose as you focus on:

  • Believe in your right to abundant living
  • Define your vision of wealth and abundance
  • Discover your barriers to plentiful purpose
  • Make decisions that enrich your life
  • Generate greater flow
  • Give freely and generously
  • See abundant change
  • Reclaim your purpose

In order to let abundance flow, you must act.
Remember, inspiration without action is just entertainment.

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