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Power Package

12-week Personal Life Purpose Program

Become the Main Character in Your Life

Do you feel like an extra instead of the main character in your life story? Do you carry the world on your shoulders, helping everyone else, but never asking for help yourself? Do you find yourself stuck in this role, unable to move forward? This 12-week program will make you the star of your life story.

You may feel stuck at a crossroads with roadblocks ahead. And it may seem like you can easily help others reach their dreams but cannot move forward yourself. Sometimes you may lose hope and think, what’s the point? Nothing will ever change.

But deep down, you know that’s not true and that it’s time to make a change. The fear of never striving for more is worse than the alternative. You were created for a bountiful, happy, and purposeful life. It’s time to star in your life production, step into the limelight, and unlock your true potential.

Putting yourself first comes with challenges. You need mentorship and guidance to break the barriers of self-limiting beliefs and move toward transformative action.

It’s your time to shine. We cultivated a 12-week POWER Package to bring your truths to light and reveal what you want out of life. We encourage you to shed fear, guilt and negative self-talk that dims your light. Our program supports you as you make changes that awaken your life purpose.

Regain your power as you:

  • Reflect on what is and isn’t working in your life
  • Pinpoint what needs to change
  • Release self-limiting beliefs
  • Strategize and visualize effective habits for growth
  • Implement true action
  • Discover your life purpose and passions
  • Maintain momentum on your journey
  • See abundant change
  • Reclaim your power

Guide your journey toward the growth, prosperity, and fulfillment you deserve.

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