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Don’t Be Impatient With Your Goals

Do you find yourself cutting corners to reach goals or dropping them when results aren’t fast enough. Learn how patience is important to goal achievement.

We live in a society where instant gratification is the norm. We can order items online and get them the same day. We can stream movies anytime we want, and everyone expects quick responses to emails.

It used to take weeks to deliver mail and if we missed a television episode, we would have to wait months to see it as a rerun. The problem with instant gratification is not everything can be quick.

Impatience Leads to Mistakes

When you create a goal and a plan to achieve that goal, you need to stick to that plan. The problem is people become impatient waiting for that next step, so they try to do it early or cut corners to get there faster.

When you try to do something before you’re ready, you make mistakes. You miscalculate and soon instead of moving forward, you’re moving backward. This leads to disappointment and some stop trying to reach their goals because of the setback.

For example, instead of following the plan to lose 20 pounds a person decides to do a fad diet to get results faster. It turns out the diet is hard to follow, and the person doesn’t lose the weight and gives up.

Don’t Let Fear and Anxiety Derail Your Goals

Two of the leading reasons why people become impatient about their goals is fear and anxiety. They don’t see changes happening fast enough and they begin to doubt themselves and their plan. They’re afraid they’ll never reach their goal.

Impatience is a normal reaction, but it won’t help your goal get there any faster. Fear and anxiety are powerful enemies to goal achievement, so try and keep them at bay as best you can and stay the course.

Learn to Overcome Impatient Thoughts

The key to being patient is to remember the long-term goal and realize that no action can make that goal happen faster. You need to create a mindset where you realize that trying to hurry or cut corners to your goal can only end up in failure.

You need to consider the end goal and not the steps in between. The reason many people never follow through with New Year’s resolutions is they expect to see these massive results in the short-term. You can’t go from a beer gut to washboard abs in a few weeks.

When setting your goals visualize yourself when you finally reach it.

Learn Patience with a Life Coach

It’s always best to have someone to talk to when you’re feeling impatient about goals. A life coach can help you determine the best steps to reach your goals.  If you get frustrated at the lack of progress, they are there to get you back on track.

If you want to learn more about how a life coach can help you reach your goals, then please contact us today.

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